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National Official Business Register, REGON was established on ground of article 41 point 1 position 1 of the Law dated June 29th, 1995 on official statistics (Journal of Laws No 88, position 439, with amendments).

Detailed rules for running and actualisation of the register are defined by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of July 27th, 1999 on the mode and methodology of running and actualisation of business register, including application, questionnaire and certificate specimens and detailed conditions and mode of cooperation of official statistics services with other bodies running official registers and information systems in public administration (Journal of Laws from 1999, No 69, position 763, with amendments).

REGON register is a continuously actualised set of information on subjects of national economy run as an IT system in the way of central database and local databases.

REGON register:

  • serves reaching identification cohesion of businesses entered into another official registers and information systems of public administration,
  • serves uniformity of descriptions used in nomenclatural and classification concepts in all official registers and information systems of public administration,
  • provides general characteristics of businesses operating in national economy in following cross-sections: territorial, proprietorial, types of activity, legal form, etc.,
  • enables preparation of address list of active businesses,
  • is the foundation for creation of databases and data banks on businesses,
  • is the main source of supply for the base of units drawn for statistical surveys.